The "Down For Whatever" Shorts

The "Down For Whatever" Shorts

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It’s been quite a while since we dropped any new merchandise. For a couple reasons, to be honest.

The first being that I got sick of the “sell, sell, sell” mentality I found myself falling into. It felt thin. I started seeing it happening around me all of the time and I thought “That’s a little gross. Do we come off like that?” That led me to take a step back and focus more on quality instead of quantity, which has always been our goal, but there was a time where we felt like we were producing more than people could realistically use day-to-day. And that is the entire reason we started printing & producing merchandise at a higher standard. So you wouldn't have to buy so much of it. 



Secondly, I got sick of designing, producing & shipping, simple as that. After 6 years of running the online store on my own (& my badass wife Taryn handling it while we are on tour), the “back office” part of the job was getting monotonous. I decided to dive way more into the musical aspect of the band, which was the reason we started Hundredth in the first place. Normally in this scenario a band will hand their merchandise over to a larger company who will produce and fulfill orders. While it may be similar quality, I've never felt really stoked about doing that. To be in complete control of the product and go direct to consumer feels way more genuine and in line with our ethos. That's why we have always done almost all of our merchandise ourselves.

From the initial concept, to design, to organizing production, customer service, photography, marketing, and finally shipping orders direct to you from our stock room, it's all handled by us. While it's enjoyable to produce and provide a superior product than what was once just considered "band merchandise", it can be daunting to try and balance it all. Things have come a long way from just slapping a band name on a cheaply made tee and calling it merchandise, and we couldn't be more stoked to be an early part of that movement. We will continue to produce merchandise at a higher standard, but we are going to do it at our own pace from now on.



All of that being said, my plan was to slowly release some new products for Summer starting with a new version of The Board Shorts, a pair of hybrid shorts that we have been refining and producing year-by-year for the past couple of years. After sampling with the factory multiple rounds, we dialed in the exact shorts we wanted and ensured a great quality pair that we could sell at an affordable price.




When they arrived this week, I noticed that the logo patch on the front was sewn on upside down on every single pair. At first, I was pissed about it. I sat down at my desk, popped a Lime La Croix and ate a single Cherry Starburst and it hit me. These are way cooler now, because they have a story and they are imperfect. 

Rather than waste something that is still completely useful, we decided to go with it how they are. They are the same exact pair of shorts, regardless of whether the patch is upside down, right side up or even there at all. The more I look at them, I almost wish I would have had made them like this on purpose. 


These are the The “Down For Whatever” Shorts. They are durable enough for a swim and just fancy enough for a night out, They are designed to work both in and out of the water. They are linerless, 100% nylon, have 4 pockets, & come in Army Green & Black. 

Go to the beach in them. Go cliff jumping in them. Hike a mountain in them. Haul ass on a skateboard in them. Party way too hard in them. Whatever you do, just get in them. They feel nice. 

We think you’ll agree that they are too good to waste.





Thank You,

Chadwick & Hundredth




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