'Labour Of Love'

'Labour Of Love'

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This year marks 10 years of existence for Hundredth and it’s wild to think that what began as us just jamming at Alex’s house in Garden City, SC in hopes to play a couple shows and maybe go on tour if we were lucky has literally shown us the world. I get so caught up in the grind and hustle that I’ve really needed to reconnect with that sentiment. And this year I feel like I’ve subconsciously remained centered around that.

The fact that we decided to completely change gears musically with RARE & it’s done double the numbers of any previous release is a testament to garnering open minded supporters from all corners of the globe and for that we are thankful.

We have had a tame year— we did a select few tours and released Ultrarare, the remix counterpart to RARE. It’s honestly been nice to really let RARE marinate and sink in because new people are discovering it every day. Some that have never heard of us before and some who wouldn’t give us the time of day before this album. We never thought RARE would still be growing a year and a half after release, but it is and we are stoked about that.




We recently shared that we are now an independent band. Free of management or label. This is something we are very happy about. No diss at all to any of the labels we have partnered with up to this point, but we are stoked to be back in complete control with absolute freedom to do things the way we want to do them. We see the music industry rapidly changing and we can’t wait to help shake it up in our small world by releasing content on our own timeline.




Earlier in the year in  The ‘Down For Whatever’ Shorts blog, I explained that we were stepping back from merchandise production for a minute to let things breathe and to recharge. It was a great break, but we’re ready to dive back in and here it is.

To end the year I really wanted to put together a collection that represented ALL of the aforementioned thoughts, feelings & news. While conceptualizing and putting together the collection the phrase ’Labour Of Love’ kept coming to my mind. Mantras like “love the work”,  “enjoy the process”, and “make what you truly want to make” were constantly in my psyche.

What started out as a simple reminder to myself to have fun during the process quickly became the centerpiece of this collection when I realized it could really resound on a larger level and represent exactly how we feel about Hundredth as a whole right now.



We are appreciative of where we are, where we came from, where we are going and for everyone who has stood by and grown with us.

We are doing what we want outside the confines of the regular “industry” way to do things. Running this thing completely ourselves & in control of our own destiny. Which I will admit is equal parts scary and motivating. It really just leaves everything on our shoulders to create the best content we can and come up with the best way to spread it. We plan on doing just that.

This is ‘Labour of Love’

It is focused on rich color, simple design, high-quality garments & I truly enjoyed putting it together for you (& me).



Enjoy & we will see you in 2019.


Chadwick & Hundredth

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